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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Carefree giving birth in water

What is a birthing pool and what is the right choice for you? We have the answers to all your questions so that you can give birth in a birthing pool without any worries.

  • Together with your midwife

  • The only one even in hospitals

  • > 36th week = immediate delivery!

  • Pay in installments

Childbirth in a pool

Giving birth in water has many advantages. We would like to inform you about giving birth in water, the birthing pool and its advantages. 

  • Natural form of pain relief;

  • Relaxation between contractions;

  • You have freedom of movement;

  • Peaceful start for the baby;

  • At home or in more than 40 hospitals.

Sustainable water birth

We have great news!

From now on it is possible to make the choice for a sustainable bath birth. We completely recycle the consumables after the delivery into new raw material. 
  • Unique and exclusive to Birthing Baths;
  • Responsible choice for mother and child;
  • No compromises on hygiene and safety.

Birth Pool in a Box

Developed together with pregnant women and midwives.
Bevallingsbaden is the official partner of Birth Pool in a Box for Europe.

  • Water stays at the right temperature;

  • With an integrated seat;

  • The world's most widely used birthing pool;

  • Recommended by hundreds of obstetricians and gynecologists;

  • The only bath applied in more than half of all hospitals.


Why do you rent or buy from us?

Arranged from A to Z

Everything about receiving, setting up, filling, using, emptying, cleaning and returning can be seen in this video.

Everything you need for your bath delivery

Buy or rent a birthing pool with a complete birthing package.

Safety and hygiene for you and your baby

Always new and original articles of use, which is very safe.

Birth Pool in a Box is an all-in-one system

With the Birth Pool in a Box inner sleeve, giving birth in the bath is trouble-free.

100% of our customers recommend us

Our customers rate us
with a 9.5.

"My bathing experience was really great! The warmth that makes your pain more bearable and you really feel weightless.

"Our experience with the bath was great! Setting it up was very easy, and the water stayed wonderfully warm.

"The comfortable thick edges of the bath, the seat, the handles and even the drinking bowl were all pleasant and convenient.


View the 1 and 2 person birthing pool

Open this page on your smartphone or tablet and view the birthing pool in your living room or bedroom.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is a hot topic nowadays. And rightly so, we think! With Bevallingsbaden, we too are very aware of the impact we have on the environment. 

That is why we plant trees with Trees for All, donate clean drinking water to third world countries with Made Blue and recycle and repair birthing pools with Edel Immersys.

In this way, we compensate more than we emit. This makes birthing baths the most sustainable provider in Europe!

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