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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Childbirth in your own bath

When you choose for a bath delivery it is important to have the right bath in the house. It is not possible to give birth in your own bathtub, like many people have at home in their bathroom. A bath has a limited depth and freedom of movement and also offers too little space for the midwife.

If you want a bath at home, you need a special delivery bath. You can buy or rent a birthing pool. You can also ask your midwife if she has a delivery bath herself. Wouldn't you rather give birth in the bath at home? Then you can also go to the hospital for a water delivery.

Requirements delivery bath

These are 3 requirements that a delivery bath must meet for a safe delivery in bath. A private bath does not meet these requirements and is therefore not suitable as a delivery bath.

Water depth

Child completely submerged. The golden rule is that the baby must be born either completely underwater or completely above water. This is why it is important that the bath offers sufficient depth to give birth in. The child must be able to be born completely under water and must have the correct water pressure.


Take on different poses. You have to be able to relax during childbirth. Therefore, painful postures must be avoided. An inflatable delivery pool offers that comfort due to the soft bottom and edges.

Freedom of movement

Be able to move freely. A delivery bath is specially designed to give birth in. So this bath offers enough room to move and allows you to assume the position that you feel most comfortable in. There are also birthing baths that are large enough for your partner to bathe in during labour.

Points of attention childbirth bath

When choosing the right delivery bath, in addition to these 3 requirements, you should also look at safety, hygiene and ease of use.


The right preparation. A water delivery is just as safe as an ordinary delivery in bed, provided the right preparation is taken. It's important to know how to set up the birthing pool.


Check hygiene. Hygiene is extremely important and is closely linked to safety. Always check all articles of use you receive at the delivery bath for hygiene. And again, good preparation is important.

Ease of use

Easy and quick to set up. When you're going to give birth, it's so nice that the delivery bath is easy and quick to set up. Of course, good preparation, such as reading the manual carefully, is important here. Cleaning up should also be pleasant and easy.

Need a delivery bath?

Now you know what a delivery bath has to meet. Would you like to know more about the delivery bath or at which midwife or hospital a delivery bath is available? Take a look at the advice pages below:


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