Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Preparation bath delivery

Just like you prepare for a "normal" birth, you also prepare for a bath delivery. However, there are a few extra things you can take into account.


The childbirth bath

Make sure you rent or buy a delivery bath on time. This bath is specially designed for giving birth in water and ensures that you can give birth in a safe way. The points discussed below are based on the bath, which you can rent or buy from us.

Location of the bath

Think carefully about where you're going to put the bath. This can be the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Please take the following points into account:

  • Space

    Can the midwife reach it on two, preferably three, sides of the bath. You can take into account the size of the birthing pool.

  • Distance crane

    The supplied hose is 10 meters. Make sure that the distance from the tap to the bath is not greater. Possibly you can connect an extra hose of 10 meters, so you have a total of 20 meters.

  • Distance drain

    What applies to the crane, also applies to the drain. You can use the toilet.  

  • Floor load-bearing capacity

    A common question is the weight per m2. The weight per m2 is almost the same for both formats.

    Starting from the largest size: The weight of 660kg (bath + water) + pregnant (+/- 80kg) is distributed over an area of 1.6m2. This is about 460kg per m2, evenly distributed (so no point loads) A normal floor construction should be able to support this weight with ease. Of course we cannot guarantee a specific floor, but our experience (also with old canal houses in Amersfoort and Amsterdam) is that this has never caused any problems. In case of doubt, construction drawings can provide a definite answer.

  • Power outlet

    To inflate the bath you use an electric inflator. You need an electrical outlet for this. After inflating the bath and before filling it with water, the bath can still be moved. When emptying you use an electric water pump. This one has a 5 meter cord. Make sure there is a power outlet within 5 meters. The bathtub should be at least 60cm away from an electrical outlet.

Control package

We pack the package with the greatest possible care. After receiving the bath and the package, it is important that you check that everything is complete, with the help of the checklist provided, so that you do not face any surprises.

Control childbirth bath

We recommend that you set up the bath in advance. This way you are familiar with setting up and you know for sure that the bath is good and the inflator works.


We send various universal tap fittings with which you can connect the water hose to the water tap. In 99 out of 100 cases there is a suitable coupling piece. Check in advance that there is 1, which is suitable for your faucet. If not, you still have plenty of time to find a fitting coupling. We will send you the following couplings

Towels and bathrobe

Make sure you have enough towels and a bathrobe. When you get out of the bath, it is nice if you have the opportunity to dry off or be dried.

Also use our checklist, so you don't forget anything!

You're almost there!

You're now broadly prepared for the delivery in the bath. We also have a handy checklist for your preparation as well as an instructional video for setting up, using and cleaning up the birthing pool.


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