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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Usage tips

Here you can read all about setting up, filling, using, emptying, cleaning and cleaning up the birthing pool. We also have a short video, where everything is briefly explained. Read on for more explanations, tips and recommendations.
Usage tips

Setting up a delivery bath

Setting up the birthing pool takes about 15 minutes. Filling with water takes about 45 minutes. So take into account one hour of preparation time. The bath consists of 5 air chambers, all of which you can inflate with the included electric inflator. Filling of the bath is done with the water hose and the supplied fittings.

Usage tips

Use childbath

Because of the soft floor, the seat and the soft edges, adopting a pleasant and comfortable posture is no problem. The water makes you weightless and makes it easier to change positions. With the handles you have extra possibilities to hold on during e.g. catching contractions. The soft floor allows you to sit on your knees for a long time without pain.

Usage tips

Empty and clean delivery bath

When the mother is out of the bath, the water has to be taken out again. For this you use the electric water pump. First remove any dirt from the bath with the scoop net. Disconnect the hose from the tap and make sure the hose hangs in the toilet, under the toilet seat. This way you make sure that the hose sticks well.

Usage tips

Cleaning up the delivery bath

When the bath is completely clean and dry, it can be folded up again. It is especially important that the bath fits in the bag undamaged again. Once the bath has been rented, we'll make sure it's picked up from you again.

July 5, 2017
Usage tips

Hygiene childbath

There is no increased risk in giving birth in water, provided that certain hygiene standards are adhered to. Here you can read about the most important things you need to take into account for a safe and hygienic bath delivery. 

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