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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Use childbath

The advice is to take a bath at 4 to 5 cm access. For extra safety, place the small extra anti-slip mat where you can get in and out.

1Stepping in can be done by first sitting on the edge and going over the edge with one leg and then with the other leg over the edge. Another possibility is to use the seat as a step. In all cases it is advisable to support the pregnant woman. It is possible to adjust the height of the bath, which makes it easier to get in and out. By letting air out of the inner ring (fill the upper and lower ring further) the entry is lower. You'll still have enough height for the water.


Because of the soft floor, the seat and the soft edges, adopting a pleasant and comfortable posture is no problem. The water makes you weightless and makes it easier to change positions. With the handles you have extra possibilities to hold on during e.g. catching contractions. The soft floor allows you to sit on your knees for a long time without pain.

3 In consultation with your midwife, check-ups will be done during the delivery in or out of the bath. When you go out of the bath every 2 hours for check-ups, or to go to the toilet for a while, and then go back into the bath, you make optimal use of the analgesic effect of the water.

Remove contamination from the water with the scoop net.

4You can choose not to let the baby be born in the bath. It is also possible that at that moment the midwife chooses to have the exorcism take place outside the bath. This does not mean that the bath delivery is not successful! The release phase is the longest part of your delivery and the need for a pleasant posture and pain relief is greatest. The adoption of various postures is very conducive to the progress of childbirth.

5When the baby is born in the bath, you can use the seat to sit in the water with your baby for a while. The baby can then go to the mother's chest, with her head above the water. Cutting the umbilical cord can be done in the bath.

Getting out is the same as getting in, but always provide support! Also make sure that the mother has a bath towel or bathrobe immediately, so that mother and child do not cool down too much.

Delivery bath can be emptied

After use, the bath is emptied and cleaned.

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