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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Setting up a delivery bath

Setting up the bath and filling it with water takes about 1 hour. Make sure you start on time. At 4 to 5 cm opening, the pregnant woman steps into the bath. When the midwife has determined that the delivery has started, you can probably start setting up and filling the bath. With the optional cover the temperature drops only 0.5 degrees per hour.

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1Make sure that the surface where you want to place the bath is clean. Uses the linoleum to protect your floor. The tarpaulin is also provided with an anti-slip layer for safe entry and exit. On the linoleum you fold out the bathtub.


2 Setting up the delivery bath takes about 15 minutes. The bath consists of 5 air chambers, which you inflate with the electric air pump. With the included inflator pump you can not inflate the bath too hard. You start with the bottom and the seat. Make sure that all folds/wrinkles are out of the bottom.

3Then blow up the lower and middle ring completely. You fill the top ring about halfway.


4The inner cover is placed over the entire upper ring. The cover has a perfect fit. The cover has a recess for the cup holder, so keep it as a reference point.


When the inner cover is in place, you can inflate the upper ring further. After this, the inner cover sits perfectly in the bath. Now the bath is ready to be filled with water.

Decide well in advance where you're going to put the bath. Once water is in it, it cannot be moved. read more about preparing for bath delivery.


6Connect the water hose to your tap. The hose is 10 meters. Use one of the supplied fittings to connect the hose. Make sure that you have checked well in advance whether a suitable coupling piece is present. You attach the hose to the bath by pulling it through the special hose holder. This secures the water hose.

Put the thermometer in the bath, so you can keep an eye on the water in the bath between 36.5 and 37.5 degrees. First fill the bath to the minimum filling height, which is indicated on the inside of the inner cover. This way you still have enough space to add extra water during childbirth. Filling the bath takes about 45 minutes.

Delivery bath ready for use

The birthing pool is now ready for use.

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