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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Cleaning the delivery bath

After use, the bath can be emptied and cleaned. Below you can read exactly how it works.

1When the mother is out of the bath, the water has to be taken out of the bath again. First remove any dirt from the bath with the scoop net. Disconnect the hose from the tap and make sure the hose hangs in the toilet, under the toilet seat. This way you make sure that the hose sticks well. Of course, you can also lead the hose to another drain. Then connect the end of the hose at the bath to the water pump. The water pump will lower you down to the bottom of the bath. Tip: Clamp the pump between the seat and the wall. When you put the plug in the socket (cord is 5 meters) the pump starts pumping. Emptying takes about 45 minutes. You don't have to stand there. 

2At some point the pump starts sucking in air. Let air out of the upper ring and pull up the inner cover so that the last water is also pumped away.

3When all the water has been pumped out of the bath, put all the disposables in the inner cover. So the water hose, the water pump, the cover, the floor cloth, non-slip mat, thermometer, scoop net etc. Only the bath, the inflator pump and the fittings are left over and go back. The inner cover acts as a large garbage bag and so you throw everything away at once in the container.

4Make sure the bath is completely clean and dry. Clean the bath with a cloth with all-purpose cleaner and dry it with a cloth or let it air dry. It is important that the bath is free of any blood. This can affect the material if it is left on for too long.

Cleaning up the delivery bath

After emptying and cleaning, the bath can be folded and stored.

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