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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Hygiene and safety

"Childbirth in water is not at increased risk, provided the preparation is good and proper hygiene protocols are followed.

When you rent or buy a bath from us you are always sure of a hygienic bath, new and unused disposables and a safe working method. We deliberately do not reuse disposables, so there is no chance of infections. We base our protocols and working method on various reliable studies and protocols from, for example, England, America and Australia, where bath births have been taking place for decades and even legal matters have been laid down regarding bath births. The most important and reliable studies and sources are listed below.

Main points of attention

There is no increased risk in giving birth in water, as long as certain hygiene standards are adhered to. Below you will find the most important things you should take into account for a safe and hygienic bath delivery.

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