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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Birthing pools
affiliate programme

As the largest provider of purchase and hire of birthing pools in the Netherlands, we are always looking for new partners to promote birthing pools. Something for you? Then join the Bevallingsbaden affiliate programme. We tell you how it works and what you get in return.
How does it work?

With our affiliate programme, we reward practices, satisfied users and influencers who promote the products of Bevallingsbaden in their environment, on their website or social media channels.


Join our network

Does your circle of friends or target group fit our giving birth in water products? Then sign up.


Placing promotional material

You decide how you want to promote Bevallingsbaden. Face to face, on your website or social media channels.

Redirect your visitors

We provide promotional materials. Place them on your website or social media channel and send interested people to

Receive compensation

You will receive 15 euro commission on every sale or rental of a birthing pool. Payouts we make quarterly.

What do you get in return?

Joining our affiliate program is a good idea. You will receive 15 euros for every birthing pool rented or sold through your promotion.

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