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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Bath birthing experiences

Research shows that women who give birth in the bath, or who have spent the opening phase in the bath, look back on the birth in a more positive way than women who give birth in bed. This is also reflected in the many bath delivery experiences of our customers and their partners.

They mainly praise the wonderful relaxation in the warm water and the fact that the baby is born peacefully, which are indeed two major advantages of water delivery. Read below various experiences of women who have had a bath and their experience with the delivery bath.

"My son swam very fast and very relaxed into the world!"

Marloes and Maurice Hoogeweg - Velp

Our experiences with the birthing bath were very good. He got in plenty of time. Because our previous son was born 2 weeks too early, it gave a quiet feeling. The instructions were clear. First we had to wait a few more days before the bath could be put on.

"The sharpness of the contractions goes off because of the warm water!"

Heidi and Sander Hogendorf with daughter Lieve - Ommen

My bathing experience was really great! The warmth that makes your pain more bearable and you really feel weightless. I've been hanging over the edge the whole time, puffing away the contractions. And I have really noticed that the sharpness of the contractions goes off because of the warm water!

"The first thing she said when she stepped into the bathtub... 'oh this is nice!'"

Mr Buining about his partner's water delivery - Heemstede

First of all, thank you for the quick delivery. In the afternoon after two I called and the next day the bath was neatly delivered. After opening the box first read the manual, then effortlessly inflated the bath within 20 minutes and practiced a bit with the tarpaulin. I found the manual very clear and complete.

"Mila, a real water child, she'll fall asleep even if she bathes now."

Family Weaver with daughter Mila - Wieringerwaard

Our experience with the bath was great! Setting it up was very easy, and the water stayed nice and warm. From half past 4 in the afternoon until half past 1 in the evening I was able to cope perfectly with the contractions in the bath, unfortunately the dilatation did not go steadily and in the end I had to give birth in the hospital, but also in the bath!

"If I'm allowed to give birth again, I'll do exactly the same thing again."

Family van der Meij with son Marc - Katwijk

It was a bit of a last minute decision for us to go for a bath delivery after all. The hospital where we wanted to give birth also offered the possibility to do a bath delivery and that was something I really wanted. Within a day I already had the bath in my house.

"The childbirth in the bath has really been an unforgettable and special experience."

Family Room with daughter Julia - Hazerswoude

The bath was delivered as agreed. It always remains to be seen whether the bath will be used because childbirth is unpredictable and there is no certainty of giving birth in the bath. The delivery guarantee that is given if the bath is not used we find a pleasant side effect.

Do you also choose the bath delivery?

You've now been able to read how other women have experienced the bath birth. Do you want to know more about the water delivery or do you want to know more about the delivery bath? Then read one of the advice pages below:

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