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How does a bath delivery go?

Part, or all, of the childbirth takes place in the water during a bath. This takes place in a special birthing pool. When childbirth begins, the partner can set up the birthing pool. Below you can read how a bath delivery goes.

Access phase

From the moment of the access phase you can step into the bath. The warm water relieves the powerful contractions in the active phase. These contractions often occur after 4 cm opening up. In addition, the water makes it easier for you to adopt different postures, which improves accessibility.


Peak of illumination

After 90 minutes, the warm water, hormonally speaking, has often given the peak of optimal illumination. This may be a reason to get out of the water for a while. The bladder can then be emptied and the midwife can make an internal examination if necessary.

Midwife checks in the water

The checks can also be done in the delivery bath. The midwife can listen to the heart with her doptone. A wireless CTG can be used underwater during a bath delivery in the hospital.

Internal checks to determine the progress can also be done in the water. Sometimes the pelvis has to be tilted forward a little.

Press stage/Extrusion stage

You can also stay in the bath during the pressing/extrusion phase. The midwife can also feel the progress in the water after a couple of squeezing and if there is already full dilatation. During this phase of childbirth, the baby's heartbeat is listened to after each contraction.


The birth under water

Caregivers are more hesitant and reluctant to deal with the baby at birth. Because of this the head may be born on one contraction and the rest of the body may be born on the next contraction. The midwife, the mother herself, or the father can take the baby underwater and quietly bring it upstairs.

The transition from water to cold air is gradual, so not all children give a loud scream or cry. Many waterbabies do this more quietly, while the lungs are sufficiently developed.

Child underwater

Depending on the mother's wishes and the child's condition, the child can be held under water for a maximum of 30 seconds before being brought upstairs. However, experience shows that mothers want to have the baby on their breast as soon as possible. Once the child is above water, it should not be submerged again.

When the baby is born

The mother can use the seat in the birthing pool to keep the baby sufficiently above water. The child is covered with cloths to prevent heat loss and may be given a cap. The cloths can be kept warm with the warm water.


The umbilical cord

The healthcare provider will indicate when it is possible to cut the umbilical cord. This can be done when it's knocked out. In addition, the caregiver will observe the blood loss and regularly feel the height of the uterus.

The afterbirth (placenta)

The afterbirth (placenta) can also be born under water. Depending on the wishes of the mother, the midwife and the blood loss, this is done in the delivery bath, or outside the bath.

When out of bath

Depending on the condition of the mother, the baby and the blood loss, the midwife will advise you to get out of the bath. This may vary from person to person, but often it is no longer than 15 minutes after the delivery.

Coming to bed

After the birth, the mother comes out of the bath and is dried. It's nice when she can recover in bed, with the baby naked on her chest. It is important that both are well covered for sufficient heat.

And how's it going?

After childbirth, the mother must rest with the baby. The partner (possibly with the help of the maternity assistant), can clean the delivery bath and then clean it up.

Want to know more?

This is roughly how a bath childbirth goes. Would you like to know more about the delivery bath or about the advantages of a water delivery or where a bath is possible? Then take a look at one of the pages below:


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