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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

What is a water delivery?

A water birth is a birth that takes place partly or entirely in the water. Already during the opening phase you can sit in the water. The warm water makes you relax, causing the body to produce endorphins. This fabric provides a natural analgesic effect.

In addition to this great advantage, giving birth in water has more advantages, such as weightlessness, which makes it easy to change posture. Read more about the benefits of water delivery here.

A water delivery in the bath?

In the old days, a water delivery used to just go in the bathtub in the bathroom. However, this is not safe enough due to the limited depth, limited freedom of movement and insufficient space for the midwife.

That is why special delivery baths have been developed to ensure a safe birth in the water for both mother and baby. Read more about what is a delivery bath.

Give birth where in the water?

A water delivery can be done at home or in the hospital. It is important that you have the right bath for a safe delivery.

Are you curious how a water delivery goes? Here you can read more about how a bath delivery goes.

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