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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Childbirth at home

A bath delivery can be done at home or in the hospital. When it is possible, of course, nothing is finer than giving birth in your own familiar environment. Below you can read more about what's involved in giving birth in the bath at home.

Give birth where in the house?

It is not possible to give birth in your own bathtub, this requires a special childbath. This childbath can be placed in a bedroom, the living room or kitchen, or if you have enough space, in the bathroom.

Space for the midwife

It is important that you provide sufficient space around the bath for the midwife. The bath must be free on at least 2 sides. So keep this in mind when choosing your home birth pool size.

Distance to the crane

The space around is important for the midwife, but you also have to take into account the distance to a crane. The water hose to fill the birthing pool has a range of 10 meters*. That means that your bath has to be within 10 meters of a crane.

Always consult with midwife

It may be that the midwife prefers the bath to be placed on the ground floor. Therefore always consult your midwife where you can best place the birthing pool in your home.

* Note: these are the delivery baths sold on If you buy or rent your birthing pool somewhere else, check how long the water hose is!

Can my floor withstand the weight of a delivery bath?

A normal floor construction can easily support the weight of a filled delivery bath. We have also never had problems with canal houses in Amsterdam and Amersfoort, for example. However, we cannot guarantee this. So always check your maximum floor load yourself.

Floor load minibath

At the mini childbirth pool, the total weight is distributed over 1.07 m². At a total weight of 587 kg (childbirth bath + water + woman*), the load is then 549 kg per m². This weight is distributed proportionally (i.e. no point load).

Floor load normal delivery bath

At the normal childbirth pool, the weight is distributed over 1.6 m². At a total weight of 660 kg (childbirth bath + water + woman*) the load is then 460 kg per m². This weight is distributed proportionally (i.e. no point load).

*In this example an average of 80 kg has been calculated.

Could the bath leak?

Leakage through the bath is virtually impossible. This has never happened before in the 5 years in which we have rented and sold more than thousands of delivery baths. In addition, more than 15 hospitals work with our concept and this has never happened before.

The bath consists of four large air chambers (+seat) which are inflated independently of each other. In addition, the inner cover of the delivery pool functions as a water container. This makes it virtually impossible for water to leak.

In the unlikely event that a leak does occur in a ring, you will still have enough time to pump in air or to (partially) drain the bath before the water can cause damage. Also, the height of the water will remain sufficient if a ring should leak. This also guarantees the safety of water delivery.

Preparation water delivery at home

The preparation is extremely important. Make sure you order the birthing pool in time. In addition, it is important that you (and/or your partner) carefully read the instructions for setting up the birthing pool. So are you / are you well prepared when the time comes! Here you can read more about preparing for a bath delivery.

Are you going to give birth at home in a birthing pool?

Are you convinced of water delivery at home? Now you can start looking at the right size delivery bath for your home and situation. Want to know more about the birthing pool? Then read one of the advice pages below:

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