Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.


There are several reasons to give birth in water. Why, the advantages and possible disadvantages we have listed for you below.

Childbirth in a pool

Why give birth in the bath

Childbirth in water has become a widely accepted way of giving birth and is a standard option in many hospitals. Water has a relaxing effect and provides relief.

Advantages of water delivery

Relaxation, analgesics and weightlessness. Some of the benefits of using water during childbirth.

Disadvantages water delivery

Childbirth in water requires a little more preparation. If you're very much looking forward to using the birthing pool and unfortunately it can't go on, it can cause extra disappointment.

Heidi and Sander Hogendorf with daughter Lieve - Ommen

"The sharpness of the contractions goes off because of the warm water!"


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