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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Disadvantages water delivery

In addition to many advantages of giving birth in water, there are also a number of disadvantages when you want to give birth in water. Some disadvantages are:

  • Extra preparation needed
  • Possible disappointment
  • Blood loss not measurable
Read more about these disadvantages of water delivery below.

Extra preparation

When you want a water delivery compared to a delivery in bed, this means some extra preparation. So you need to rent or buy the bath in time, preferably before the 34th week. And, of course, the bath has to be set up before delivery.

That is why it is advisable to read the manual in good time, not only by yourself, but also by your partner. When your delivery has started, it is so nice that your partner or another person present can make everything ready for you. In some cases the maternity care may take on some of these activities, but always consult the maternity office beforehand.

In the manual you will also read how to clean and tidy up the bath. Setting up and cleaning up the birthing pool is easier than often thought. In the next video an idea how this goes:

When you rent or buy a birthing pool via, you will receive a clear Dutch manual, which will guide you from A to Z.

Possible disappointment

you have the desire to give birth in the bath and you've prepared all this well. However, it may happen that you do not give birth in the bath after all, for example due to medical reasons. This could be a disappointment.

If you are only in the bath during the opening phase, know that this is the majority of childbirth. During the release phase, the warm water provides relaxation and acts as a natural form of pain relief. In addition, the water promotes freedom of movement, which helps the delivery.

Delivery guarantee

If you cannot or may not use the delivery bath at all, for example for medical reasons, you can make use of the delivery guarantee when you bought the bath at You can read more about this on the page 'hire or buy a birthing pool'.

Return the full amount

If before delivery of the bath via you are already informed that the bath delivery unfortunately cannot take place (for whatever reason), you will receive the full amount back.

Blood loss not measurable

For example, blood loss can occur after the birth of the placenta (also called placenta or afterbirth). Some health care providers therefore choose to have the placenta born outside the bath as standard. You can always discuss this with your midwife or obstetrician.

Should there be any blood loss after the birth of the placenta in you, the midwife or obstetrician will take you out of the bath easily so that he or she can better measure it.

Want to know more?

Based on the pros and cons of water delivery, you can now weigh up whether a water delivery suits you. Check out the various options for renting and buying a birthing pool. Would you like to know more about water delivery? Then read one of our other advice pages:

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