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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Advantages of water delivery

Are you thinking of giving birth in water? Then it's good to know that a water delivery has several advantages, such as:
  • Analgesic effect
  • Smaller chance of tearing or cutting
  • Easier movement
Read more about the benefits of water delivery below.
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Analgesic effect

Water has a relaxing effect

Many healthcare professionals see childbirth in water as a natural form of pain relief. The warm water relaxes your body and endorphins are produced. Endorphins have an analgesic effect, which makes it easier to cope with contractions. This reduces the need for, for example, nitrous oxide or an epidural.

Easier movement


In water you are weightless, which makes it easier to move around. This makes it a lot easier to assume certain postures when giving birth in water than when giving birth in bed. Adopting different postures promotes childbirth.

Smaller chance of tearing or cutting

Water has a relaxing effect

Many women see a crack or cut. An advantage of water delivery is that it is often more gradual. This causes your perineum to stretch more slowly. In addition, the perineum is more supple due to the warm water. This reduces the risk of tearing or cutting when giving birth in the bath.

Quiet start at birth

Quiet water baby

In a water birth, the baby is born in the water. This ensures a smoother transition for the baby from the uterus. Babies born with a water delivery are called water babies. In general, water babies are quite calm at birth and there is little or no crying.

Also pleasant for the partner

Give birth together

The partner has an active role in giving birth in the bath. This allows the partner to set up the bath and fill it with water. In addition, the partner can keep an eye on the water temperature during the entire delivery. This makes many partners feel (even) more useful.

Want to know more?

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