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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

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Here you'll find everything you need to know about ordering, payment, delivery and returns. We also provide answers to frequently asked questions. If the website or the information listed here does not answer your question, or if you would like to contact us personally, please contact us via one of the contact options below.

Frequently asked questions

Do you also use heat elements?

No. We follow the health guidelines from England and America, which do not allow the use of a heating element. A heating element carries the risk of forming legionella bacteria. By keeping the water at the right temperature with a heating element, instead of bringing the water back to the right temperature with fresh hot water every now and then, there is a chance of bacterial growth. The British government has included this in its advice on bath deliveries. Infection cases have been investigated by CDC Arizona. Source: UK government& CDC Arizona

Our hygiene and infection prevention measures are always scientifically based. We prefer prevention rather than cure.

Practice shows that the temperature of the water in our bath stays at the same level for a long time and it is very easy to bring the water back up to temperature if necessary. Of course all this is described in detail in the Dutch manual.

How do I keep the water at temperature?

Maintaining the temperature can be the responsibility of, for example, the partner.

Practice shows that the water in the bath stays at temperature for a long time and it is very easy to bring the water back to temperature if necessary. 

Our advice is to first fill the bath at the minimum filling height (indicated on the inner cover), so that you can easily add hot water. The minimum filling height is high enough for childbirth.

To adjust the temperature (warmer or colder) during your bathing session, remove water from the bath with a clean bucket and add hot/cold water again with the hose. 

With the heat cover (option in rental and sales pack delivery bath) the temperature drops only half a degree per hour, depending on the room temperature, humidity and air circulation at the location of the bath. You use this cover when you're not in the bath. You can also fill the bath 1 to 2 degrees warmer, if you plan to take a bath later.

When should I apply for my rental pool

You may request the delivery bath at any time during your pregnancy. For our planning it is nice if we receive the request before your 35th week of pregnancy. 

If you rent the bath, we will make sure it is delivered to your home in the 36th week of your pregnancy.

If you cancel the delivery bath before it is sent, you will receive a full refund. We do not need a reason or proof of medical indication for this. If you have the bath at home and don't use it, you will still receive a € 55,- refund for returning the unused delivery package. We always pick up the bath at your home.

Should you, for whatever reason, need a delivery bath at the last minute, please take into account a delivery time of 2 working days.

When will I get my order delivered?

When you have bought a bath, it will be sent to your home within 2 working days. When you rent a bath, it will be delivered to you in week 36 of your pregnancy. You will receive an email from us and our carrier with the time of delivery. The bath is at your disposal until week 42. We don't bother about a rental day anymore and don't charge extra rental costs.

What size bath is suitable for me

The choice of format is made on the basis of practical and emotional considerations.


  • The room where the bath will be located
  • Is there room for the midwife to be able to access at least two sides during childbirth?
  • Would you like space for your partner in the bath (not possible with the Mini)?
  • Do you have a boiler or a central heating system because of the amount of water (mini 480 liters, normally 650 liters).


  • Mini bath gives more feeling of security
  • Normal bath gives more feeling of freedom of movement

For more information and an accompanying video, check out this page.

Do you supply one or two water hoses?

We supply 1 water hose. This water snake is always new and free of toxins. The water hose is first used for the supply of clean water, and after childbirth for the disposal of the used water. After use, throw away the water hose.

For reasons of hygiene, we deliberately choose not to re-use the water hose (e.g. 1 for supply and 1 for discharge). A water hose is never 100% clean and/or dry, with risk of infection in mother and child.

Our hygiene and infection prevention measures are always scientifically based. We prefer to prevent rather than cure. Sources: & Texas Midwifery Board - Waterbirth Guidelines (PDF)

Can my floor withstand the weight?

Starting from the largest size: The weight of 660kg (bath + water) + pregnant (+/- 80kg) is distributed over an area of 1.6m2. This is about 460kg per m2, evenly distributed (so no point load). The same m2 load applies to the smaller size.

A normal floor construction should be able to support this weight with ease. Of course we cannot guarantee a specific floor, but our experience (also with old canal houses in Amersfoort and Amsterdam) is that this has never caused any problems. In case of doubt, construction drawings can provide a definite answer.

Is the bath easy to set up?

The bath can be set up in 15 minutes. No hassle with kits and tools. Of course there is a clear manual. If you still can't figure it out, you can always contact us.

On the website you will find an extensive explanation.

A rented bath, is that safe and hygienic?

The professional delivery bath is fully tested and checked for damage each time before shipping. The bath is always 100% clean and disinfected. The inner cover and accessories are always new and should be disposed of after use. Only the bath and the inflator pump are reused.

From a hygienic point of view and the risk of infection for mother and child, we therefore do not take the risk of reusing items from the delivery package.

I rented a bath, but unfortunately I didn't give birth in it...

It can of course happen that after delivery, for example due to medical reasons, you can no longer use the rented bath for childbirth. Of course, we find this very annoying for you.

When you return the delivery package (disposables in the box unopened and unused), a refund of €55 will be made to you. 

This only applies to the total package, so individual unused parts will not be credited separately.

I bought a bath, but I didn't use it.

If you have not been able to use the purchased delivery bath, package or accessory for your delivery, it may ALWAYS be returned, regardless of how long you have it in your home. We therefore deliberately deviate positively from the legal 14-day return period, so that you can prepare for the delivery without any worries. 

It is important that the products are unused and unopened. If this is not the case we cannot credit the products due to hygiene protocols.

Upon receipt you may open the box, so you can be sure that the order has been delivered to you. You check your order with the checklist sent along.

What happens if I cancel my order?

If you cancel the rental pool before week 36 of your pregnancy (i.e. before the rental pool has been sent), for example due to medical reasons, the full amount will be refunded. The reason for cancellation is never fun for the pregnant woman, and therefore we don't mind returning the amount. There's no need for proof.

I've seen cheaper rental baths. How's that possible?

Pay close attention to other providers that the delivery package included in the delivery is made up of. All products in our delivery package are new and unused. We do this to prevent the risk of infection of mother and child. We are of the opinion that the safety of mother and child cannot be jeopardized by a saving of a few euros by the landlord.

We also ensure that the rental pool is always clean and checked at several points. This way you can be sure of a reliable, safe and hygienic preparation for your delivery in water.

In addition, we arrange for the bath to be collected from you after use. So you don't have to go to a post office with a heavy box after the birth of your baby.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to the Netherlands and Belgium.

I've seen a childbirth pool in the marketplace. Can I use it?

We do not recommend the use of a used bath. These are baths designed for single use. You don't know how the bath was used or if there were any weaknesses. To ensure safety, it is wise to purchase a new bath or rent a professional one. When you buy a new bath yourself, and you know exactly how it is/is used, you can use it for the next delivery.

What does your recycling program entail?

Do you choose our most sustainable choice, then you can return the used materials from the bath delivery to us. We bring these materials back to new raw materials with our partner For example, PVC flooring and medical shoes can be made from them. The recycled materials are therefore not reused for bath births.

What is the difference between the normal rental package and the most sustainable option?

When you decide to rent a bath, you can choose between the complete package and our most durable choice. With both packages, you will receive a cleaned, disinfected and inspected Birth Pool in a Box birthing pool and new items. The difference is that our most durable choice consists of only the necessary items and you can return the materials closed to us. Other accessories can always be ordered separately, but we like to inspire you to think about alternatives.

At the total package you receive, in addition to the bathtub and the necessary consumables, additional accessories for complete preparation for a bath birth. This consists of:

The bath

  • The Birth Pool in a Box birthing pool

The necessary items

  • Electric inflation pump
  • Multiple universal faucet fittings including Quooker coupling
  • New hygienic Birth Pool in a Box inner sleeve
  • New submersible pump to pump the water out of the bath after use (1500l/h, empties the bath in about 30 minutes)
  • New 10-meter non-toxic water hose

Additional accessories

  • New scoop net
  • New floor protection carpet
  • New extra anti-slip mat small
  • New thermometer
  • Set of gynecological gloves

After giving birth, throw away the necessary items (except the inflation pump and faucet connectors) and the extra accessories. You can also keep these items for your own use.

At our most sustainable choice in addition to the bathtub, you receive the necessary consumables for a bath birth and you can return these materials along with the bathtub in the recycling bags provided. This includes:

The bath

  • The Birth Pool in a Box birthing pool

The necessary items

  • Electric inflation pump
  • Multiple universal faucet fittings including Quooker coupling
  • New hygienic Birth Pool in a Box inner sleeve
  • New submersible pump to pump the water out of the bath after use (1500l/h, empties the bath in about 30 minutes)
  • New 10-meter non-toxic water hose

Recycling materials

  • Recycling bags to return the used materials sealed to us

Inside our unique recycling program we work with our partner to ensure that these used items, after cleaning, are returned to new raw material. For example, boots, flooring and garden hoses can be made from them.

It is possible to order the additional accessories separately. Unfortunately we cannot recycle these yet, but we are working on this. Until then, we would like to motivate expectant parents to think about alternatives to these items. For example, make use of the suggestions below:

  • Use a bucket instead of the scoop net
  • Use towels instead of the floor rug
  • Use a towel instead of the non-slip mat
  • Use your own bath thermometer instead of a new thermometer

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