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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Costs & fees

For childbirth in a bath you provide a suitable delivery bath at home. You can rent or buy these. The costs of this are between 174,- and 258,-.

Childbath costs & reimbursement

When you have decided to go for a delivery bath, you can choose to rent or buy a delivery bath. The choice is yours.

Renting is possible from 174,- and the bath will be returned after giving birth. You can buy from 247,- and the bath stays yours. Both include a complete childbirth package.

Reimbursement from the health insurer is unfortunately not yet possible at many insurers. Contact your health insurer for the policy conditions and possibilities.

Family van der Meij with son Marc - Katwijk

"If I'm allowed to give birth again, I'll do exactly the same."

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