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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Childbath costs

When renting or buying a birthing pool, you take into account extra preparation, including arranging a suitable birthing pool.


Renting costs

You can hire the birthing pool from as little as 170. The rental always includes delivery to your home address, a complete delivery package and the weather Collection of bath after birth. The pool is delivered in week 36 of your pregnancy and you have it at home for as long as you need it. Usually no longer than after your 42nd week, but with us an extra day is never a problem. If you do not use the delivery package (unused and unopened disposables), you will receive 55 euros back.

Buy costs

Buying a birthing bath is possible from 275,-, for a bath with a complete package. The price includes delivery. The bath can be used after the delivery for a possible next pregnancy or used for example as a children's bath or ball bath. If you do not use the bath (unused and unopened), it can always be returned. No matter how long you have had the package.

Hospital costs

If you want to give birth outpatient in the hospital, there is often also the possibility to give birth in the bath. Several hospitals work with our special hospital concept, so you can be sure of a safe and hygienic delivery in our delivery bath. In most cases you pay between 80 and 100 euros for the delivery package, in addition to the standard costs for the outpatient childbirth. Ask the hospital about the conditions.

Rent or buy

Now you know the difference in cost of renting or buying a delivery bath. Below you can make your choice and choose the desired format.

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