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Birth Pool in a Box Delivery Pool 1-person. + Delivery package / rental

Professional 1-person Birth Pool in a Box, including a comprehensive package for complete preparation. Delivered to and picked up from your home. See below for a detailed description and the total contents of the package.

At the checkout you pass on your due date. You can always cancel free of charge before your 36th week.

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Rental is only possible in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany




The 1-person Birth Pool PRO from Birth Pool in a Box is specially designed for re-use. The pool is completely disinfected and checked on several points before being dispatched. So you are always assured of a high quality, clean and hygienic bath. The birthing pool is delivered to your home including a delivery kit:
  • Electric inflation pump
  • New hygienic Birth Pool in a Box inner sleeve
  • New submersible pump to pump the water out of the bath after use (1500l/h, empties the bath in about 30 minutes!)
  • New scoop net
  • New floor covering - luxury with non-slip coating for safety,
  • New extra anti-slip mat small
  • New thermometer with ideal temperature
  • New 10-metre non-toxic water hose (i.e. fill, empty afterwards and discard - most hygienic method)
  • Multiple universal faucet fittings including Quooker coupling (fits 99 out of 100 faucets).
  • Set of gynecological gloves long
  • Clear Dutch manual of
The price includes delivery and pick-up of the birthing pool at your home after delivery. The birthing pool and the electric inflation pump are returned. The other products you throw away because of the hygiene away after use or you keep and clean them for your own use. You will receive the birthing pool in week 36 of your pregnancy. The rental period is until week 42. When completing your order, please provide your due date.

Additional Information

Weight 26 kg
Inside dimensions

Normal 142 x 114 x 69cm
Mini 114 x 94 x 66cm

Outer dimensions

Normal 193 x 165 x 76cm
Mini 165 x 145 x 71cm

Water volume

Normally 650 litres
Mini 480 liter

Weight filled

Normally 659 kg + mother
Mini 487 kg + mother

Water level

min: 45cm - max: 58cm

Inflatable floor


Built-in seat


Built-in cupholder


Max recommended length

Normal: None
Mini: None

Space for partner

Normal: Yes
Mini: No

Bathtub material

0.55mm ECO PVC. Free of cadmium, lead and latex

Material inner cover

0.20mm ECO PVC. Free of cadmium, lead and latex

Jochem van Heek
Jochem van Heek
The bath helped my wife well against the pain of the pushing contractions. Worked pain relieving for her. Bath itself was easy to assemble and disassemble.
Els van der Kruk
Els van der Kruk
Had a very nice delivery in the tub! Clear instructions for setting up and taking down. Quick delivery (the very next day) and also quick pick up. I would recommend it to anyone!!!
Lisa Wispels
Lisa Wispels
The birthing bath has 'pleased' us very well 😉 I really liked being able to handle the contractions in the bath, the warmth and being able to change positions easily contributed to this.Practically speaking, the bath is easy to set up and clean up again with all the tools that come with it with also a very handy instruction video. A very nice and good service!
Melanie de Roon
Melanie de Roon
Neat delivery, good instructions. Only downside was that the top layer deflated slowly (probably a leak).Collection was also top notch.
Teije Horst, van der
Teije Horst, van der
Birthing pool in good condition, received on time and neatly packaged. We will definitely order again if we need it again.
P aulin
P aulin
Delivered quickly and without fuss. Good instructions are included so that setting up and cleaning up is good and easy. After delivery, making a pickup appointment is also easy and the whole package is picked up at home.
Bram Jacobs
Bram Jacobs
All very well organized! Everything was included and it was easy to set up. It was also all neatly collected.
Bo Heymans
Bo Heymans
I am very satisfied with the service, communication and explanations from Birthing Baths. Everything went very well and clearly. The bath and accessories are of very good quality. The final experience with the bath was a little less, because the water cooled down very quickly and we couldn't get warm with such a large volume. So I would definitely recommend the extra cover screen.
Sacha van Blokland
Sacha van Blokland
Bringing the bathtub went perfectly! Clear instructions on how to put it together! And picking it up went smoothly as well.
Stephanie Steiner
Stephanie Steiner
Ich bin restlos begeistert und überzeugt 🙂 jeder der sich eine Wassergeburt zuhause wünscht- dem empfehle ich uneingeschränkt den birth Pool ... das leihpaket ist wirklich ein sorglos Paket- alles ist dabei und man hat kaum bis keine Arbeit 🙂 Service ist zudem TOP... bei uns hat es nun länger als die 5 Wochen mietzeit gedauert und es war kein Problem den Pool zu verlängern ... top top top top
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