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Delivery baths. For carefree delivery in water.

Compare the 1 and 2-person bath here

Always including an extensive maternity package, delivered at home and picked up again after the birth.

Which format suits me?

With this video we hope to make the choice of format a little easier for you. Below you will find another overview of the 2 baths, their features and sizes. 


With your mobile you can use AR to digitally place the bath in your living room. On the homepage you will find the link or click on the AR symbol on the product page.

For personal advice you can always contact us.


Childbath Mini

  • Professional childbath

  • 1-Person childbath

  • Feeling of security

  • 480 litres of water

  • No maximum body length

  • With a smaller stature, more sales opportunities

  • Outer dimensions: 165 x 145 x 71cm

  • Inside dimensions: 114 x 94 x 66cm


Childbath Normal

  • Professional childbath

  • Possible space for partner

  • Feeling of freedom of movement

  • 650 litres of water

  • No maximum body length

  • At long posture, more space

  • Outer dimensions: 193 x 165 x 76cm

  • Interior dimensions: 142 x 114 x 69cm

Why rent?

If you rent a delivery bath from us, you will receive it in the 36th week of your pregnancy, always including an extensive delivery package. You are assured of a safe and hygienic bath delivery and can make use of our unique delivery guarantee.

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